How to behave with a transgender woman ?

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    How to behave with a transgender woman ?

    Trans women have most times had to struggle with people’s misconceptions about them, and how people (especially men) see or treat them. Some who have encountered such men, either complained of now being treated and respected as a woman but mostly seen as a fancy, something of a sport. Here are some tips on how to behave with a transgender woman particularly useful when you meet a trans woman around Valencia.

    Be careful when referring to any past event

    One very important thing to note is not making reference to who she was before transitioning. This is because she had probably mentally struggled with who she was but was caged mostly by society for fear of what they’ll say. She has had to live uncomfortably with herself. So making reference to that past life could be traumatic for her because of the so many unpleasant experiences she might have had.

    Use gender-appropriate language

    To have a fruitful and enjoyable relationship with a trans woman, you have to understand that no two trans women are the same. They may look similar in stature and physical features but what makes them who they are is psychological and not physical. This is why knowing how to address a trans woman is very important.

    It is advisable to address trans women how they prefer to be addressed rather than making assumptions and getting them wrong. If you do not know how to address them, ask, which is a better way of even connecting with them.

    Understand the difference between gender identity and sexuality

    Understanding the difference between gender identity and sexuality is also key to how to behave with a trans woman or treat a trans woman. A trans woman can be straight, gay, or bisexual depending on the trans woman’s sexual orientation and not depending on her physical features.

    So it is important you understand the distinction between her gender and her sexuality. Comments like, “How do you conceal your penis?”, “Do you have a vagina?”, “Does it look normal?” should be avoided so as not to come off as offensive. It also doesn’t change your sexuality. Just because you like a trans woman doesn’t mean you’re gay.

    Do not change your behavior toward a trans-identified person

    Some men might want to change their attitude and behavior toward trans women when they find out she’s a trans woman. Some might get abusive and use derogatory terms or comments on them. Ultimately, a trans woman wants to be treated like a normal person. Showed off to the world and not kept hidden like a secret.

    So when you find yourself with a trans woman, treat her like you would treat every other woman because you were attracted to her as a woman.

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