How to have first sexual experience with a trans woman ?

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    How to have first sexual experience with a trans woman ?

    Regardless of whom you’re doing it with, sex should be fun, and pleasurable between you and your partner. It should be about connecting on both physical and psychological levels and not something to just do because it should be done. It should be born out of pure and exhilarating passion.

    Sex with a trans woman should not be very much different but should be treated delicately, especially when it’s the first time or it is a question you ask yourself when talking to a transgender woman on a dating app.

    Communicating with your partner beforehand will help you!

    An essential part that leads up to sex is communicating with your partner. This helps loosen up your partner and makes them open to exploring and experimenting with new sexual pleasures. Most importantly, this helps strengthen the bond and make the experience worthwhile.

    This is sometimes difficult, especially with persons having sex for the first time. But importantly, you and your partner must set a tone for the moment; discussing what you like, and if they’re okay exploring something new with you. The importance of this is so they are not caught unawares and unprepared.

    It is crucial that you don’t make assumptions about this. The experience with one trans woman is different from another which is why you and your partner must be open to communicating.

    Don’t be afraid to explore her body and yours

    Another important thing is letting yourself explore. It is a new venture and you would want to go carefully, what better way than to explore her body and find out what turns her on? Where does she like to be touched? Is she responsive to my touch?

    Not just her body but yours as well. Guide to her explore your body like a blind person reading braille. Let her know what you like and where you like to be touched. It should not just be about ramming and jamming and screaming and moaning. Let the passion drive through your body and the sexual experience would be exhilarating and enjoyable.

    Watch your body language during the act, not everything has to be sexual

    The body language during sex with her should tell her a lot about what you feel towards and for her. Most trans women want to feel your body responding to their touch, telling them what you feel at the moment. They like to take charge too, but mostly, to be treated like a woman and not just some random sex partner.

    So things like a kiss on the forehead, or a grab by the waist, tell a lot about how comfortable your partner is with you. Although, some body language might be a turn-off for your partner. So watch out for what she doesn’t like.

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